My Story

About Me

Growing up as a child of the military, I had the privilege of experiencing diverse cultures and learning the art of quick connections. Constant relocations fostered adaptability, a skill I'd later find invaluable. Settling in Springfield, Virginia, marked a turning point. In fourth grade, I launched a lemonade and popcorn stand, igniting my passion for entrepreneurship. The overwhelming response and customer smiles were my early lessons in delivering excellent service.

High school brought a shift in focus from academics to work. I thrived in retail, relishing the social aspect. Simultaneously, a part-time role in the city education department exposed me to administrative tasks, nurturing my love for learning and dedication to hard work.

Amidst life's twists, I transitioned to the healthcare field, starting with medical transcription. My curiosity and drive led me to explore various medical clinics. A pivotal moment came when the last clinic I worked for adopted its first computer system. I seized the opportunity, mastering the software and fueling my passion for technology.

This newfound passion propelled me into the corporate world in North Carolina's bustling capital. It was a leap of faith, but I was armed with dedication, knowledge, and an insatiable hunger for learning.

A defining moment in my career was the creation of an online training program for a corporate role. This program revolutionized employee training, eliminating the need for costly in-person sessions. It was a testament to my love for teaching and my ability to leverage technology to add value.

Yet, as my corporate career soared, my heart longed for a deeper purpose. My focus shifted towards empowering non-technical women to thrive in the digital landscape. Bridging the technology gap became my mission.

Leaving a Legacy

My journey is clear: guide non-technical women through technology's complexities, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support to succeed in their online businesses. This isn't just about personal growth; it's about sparking a ripple effect of empowerment.

My journey took a profound turn when I faced a deeply personal experience. After both of my parents passed away just four days apart, I came to realize the importance of leaving a legacy for generations to come. My parents had no will, no savings, and had struggled financially for much of their lives. It was a stark reminder of the significance of financial security and planning. I'm committed to leaving a legacy for my children, ensuring they have the resources they need for a prosperous future. And I'm equally passionate about helping women do the same by guiding them in creating successful online businesses that can provide financial stability and a legacy for their families.

I'm thrilled to be here, and even more excited to help you navigate the world of online business. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Together, we'll conquer technological barriers, unlock limitless possibilities, and build lasting legacies. Let's make it happen!

Meet Your Guide: Empowering Women Online

Step into a world where technology becomes your trusted ally, dreams flourish, and women from all walks of life discover the guidance they need to create, build, and grow their online businesses.

A Passionate Start

My journey into the digital realm began with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. As a young woman, I uncovered a deep passion for technology and entrepreneurship. However, I soon realized that not everyone shared my comfort in this digital landscape.

A Transformative Moment

This realization led me to connect with women from diverse backgrounds, each brimming with dreams yet grappling with the complexities of technology. I knew I could be the bridge to their aspirations.

Bridging the Gap

Fueled by a mission to empower women, I developed the Create, Build, Grow philosophy:

Create: We nurture your creativity and breathe life into your unique vision through content and strategy.

Build: Together, we navigate the digital terrain, laying a robust online foundation.

Grow: We embark on a journey of continuous progress in the ever-evolving online world.

Our Collective Journey

Join me in this empowering adventure. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a master of balancing life's demands, or someone seeking a fresh start, I'm here to arm you with knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital age.

Unlocking Your Potential

I firmly believe that every woman possesses untapped potential awaiting its moment to flourish in the online world. By becoming part of our community, you're not just acquiring technical skills; you're gaining independence, nurturing creativity, and seizing financial empowerment.

Together, We Soar

Welcome to a community where dreams take flight, businesses flourish, and women uplift one another. Together, we'll make your dreams a reality, one click at a time, and build a brighter future for all.


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